What People Have To Say...
I purchased shampoo and conditioner bars and loved them! Will 100% buy again! Looking forward to trying the shower steamers too!
- Laurie Ann Foster
I have loved everything I've bought so far. Soaps all smell heavenly, lip balms are moisturizing and smell delicious. I added some products to friends xmas gifts this year and everyone loved them. Just a really wonderful shop full of lots of goodies!
- Guinevere Fleguel
Was passing through Town over the weekend and happened to fall through the doors of this beautifully displayed, fantastic smelling, warm and inviting shop. I purchased three Bath Bombs and have already tried the first one out!  Fruit Loops!  So fantastic on your skin and it literally smells like fruit loops?! No skin reactions either (sensitive skin queen over here 🙋‍♀️
My friend also purchased two bracelets and we are extremely happy with these as well.
Highly recommend this place for all reason there could possibly be.  Thank you for making shopping local such a positive experience.
—Valeria Cybulski
My children can not get enough of the cupcake bathbombs, the bath powders (fairy dust and zombie one are the favs), shower steamers and we really liked the tin of individual soap coins that we take camping!! All great scents 😊
—Candice Michelle
Excellent customer service and very unique items. I love the lavender body scrub and the shower steamers. It is always a treat to visit this delightful store!
Nadia Clark
I am in love with the natural deodorant. I have never found a natural deodorant as good as yours. It needs to be promoted and sold in natural and holistic stores. Everyone needs to try it. 
— Adelle Johnson

I will be honest saying I bought the hand soaps as gifts for people but never really tried them myself. This past Christmas I bought the maple soap and I love it. I can wash my face and it doesn’t feel all dried out which saves on moisturizer!
I do have a cream that smells like orange & chocolate and I love it too. My daughter loves the bath bombs.
I’m trying to stay away from all the bad stuff put in soaps for health reasons and VR Sudz n' Stuff is definitely where I’ll be buying my soaps and lotions! I’m looking forward to trying the strawberry champagne bar soap I saw posted a few days ago!  Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!
— Wannett Fraser Reynolds

 My first favourite product is the Lotion Bar! The lavender scent is luxurious and it has become the only lotion I will keep in my purse! My second favourite is of course the soaps. I have terribly sensitive skin and your soap is on of the very few I don’t have an allergic reaction to. Thank you for that!!!
— Annelise Noronha

Love the lip balm.. Works great lasts forever.. I dropped it by my mailbox and found days after it still worked and it is amazing
—Valerie Miller

I bought 2 of the Face Cleansing Balm and gave one to my daughter to try. We love it!! So does my 13 year old granddaughter. Easy to use and leaves the skin velvety soft, would definitely recommend xx
— Lorraine Collins

Very gradually, I’m replacing everything! Won’t be without the Body Butter, facial soap, face cream or the travel soaps. My new absolute favourite is the deodorant. Best natural deodorant I’ve tried. No aluminum (of course) but also baking soda free. Goes on dry and stays dry - she has created a beautiful product!!!  I use even less than the recommended pea size.  So grateful that Vic is in our community!
— Karen McIlroy Stenhouse

So many great products to choose from. Love that they are natural and handmade. My favourite would have to be the lavender soap. I know you can get lavender soap anywhere, but not this great quality, great scent and it lasts. So many other great scents too!  My husband’s favourite is Dragon’s Blood. I’m not a fan of a scented husband lol, but this one is great!  I highly recommend it!
— Tricia Daley

I love V.R. Sudz n' Stuff particularly the solid lotion, unvaseline and the lip gloss. I want to try the face cream and the face cleansing balm!
— Elizabeth Greenaway

I recently purchased a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar and let me tell you it is awesome. Not only the best solid shampoo but the best over all shampoo ever! Super great products! Whilst being a traveller I have used solid products for some time before finding this gem of a shop and there is no similar products on the market to equal the products I bought at this charming little shop. Good Luck!
Carole T.

At the Craft fair on the weekend, I got some soaps I keep for Christmas gifts, they smell so nice. But I couldn't resist trying the shower steamers right away .. what a great idea! I love the mint/tea tree it's invigorating in the morning and leaves the whole house smelling fresh .. thanks for the discovery !
— Caroline B.
So I did as you suggested. Sliced off a piece for my pyjama drawer, then used the bar! Oh My Gosh! It didn't make my skin feel all tight and sticky like regular soap. My skin felt soft and smooth. Not to mention, smelled ever so faintly of lavender most of the day. You know your soap! 
— Maureen S.

I just had the most luxurious bubble bath. I was surrounded by the wonderful natural scent of lavender and vanilla, and enveloped in silky smooth cocoa and Shea butter. The experience was exquisite and I would highly recommend V.R. Sudz n' Stuff, as it is expertly crafted, high quality, natural and reasonably priced. It is an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves to relax in a tub full of bubbles and lightly scented aromas. I used her Lavender Bath Salts, and the Blackberry Vanilla Bath Truffles.
— Jennifer L.

So ya wanna know about the new Whipped Body Butter??  It's an decadent experience in softening your skin.  With 'oh such a tiny bit', your skin becomes luxuriously transformed to a satiny softness.  When you purchase from Victoria's line of quality products you you are never disappointed!!
— Kim P.
Victoria's whipped body butter is incredible! The smell is like Terry's chocolate orange. So yummy I was getting everyone to smell it. I love how it melts from the heat of your hand. This sample will last so long because it doesn't take much to make your hands soft as ever. Compared to lush it has better absorbance which is great for on the go. It is also richer in oils and needs only one application. No sticky feel and it protects against dryness all day! I love it and am excited for more :)
— Julianna J.

I have been using the new whipped body butter on my dry cracked hands. Has healed them up so nicely! The smell is amazing and it soaks in nice too! Ive bought several different soap scents and love them all! Really really nice soap! Thanks Victoria!! Can't wait to try out the new ones I have too!
— Melissa K.
Used a bath bomb this morning. Amazing scent and sooooo fizzy.
— Brianna W.

I love this soap so much. I use it to shave because it lathers so nice. Rinses off well too!
— Rory Roderick S.

My absolute favourite soap is Starry Nights. I am sensitive to some scents in cosmetics. It's wonderful to find products that I can enjoy. Thanks Victoria!
— Valencia L.

I don't usually wear lip balm because of the crap in them but this one has only all natural ingredients! Loving the "Barely There Shimmer Lip Balm"! Nice colour too :)
— Angela B.

Amazing products for a great price! Stocked up on soap, bath bombs, truffles and lip balm today. Great for gifts and personal use!
— Megan H.