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Un Petroleum Jelly

Un Petroleum Jelly
Price: $5.00
So, short story...

I have a love hate relationship with a certain petroleum by product that is sold in stores as a diaper cream, face cream, ointment, skin barrier, make up remover, skin softener, lip balm (blech) etc etc. I love to HATE it. I mean seriously? A petroleum by product for our skin? Oh and don't get me started on how a person ingests it when used as a lip balm!

Anyhow, I did say short story didn't I? This is my version of an un-petroleum jelly. Made with skin loving olive oil infused with dandelion and calendula extracts, castor seed oil, vitamin e and locally sourced beeswax.

Our Un petroleum jelly can be used for all of the purposes listed above and many more. Give it a try, you really will love it!

Ingredients : Ricinus Communis, Olea Europaea, Cera Alba, Tocopherol, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Dandelion Flower Extract