Covid-19...oh to see the backside of you!

We love our customers, we love our store and we love making products that YOU love!

We miss smiles and hugs and just stopping to chat or have tea.  One day this will all just be a bad memory and that will be the day when we can hug and smile, laugh and cry again together.  BUT, until that day comes we want to assure you...

We are following all safety protocols to keep you safe when you visit our store.

  • Limiting number of customers to ensure proper social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer at the door.  We are asking for hands to be sanitized prior to touching any products
  • Masks are required for entry
  • Lexan counter shield at cash desk
  • Touchless payment options available ie. tap
  • Door handles, interior and exterior, sanitized after each customer departs
  • Hands are sanitized or washed after handling cash...yes we still accept cash